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Well, come on people, let's light up our homes and town with Christmas lights. The time to start is now!



Princess Lodge By Janice Simpson
Larry Freeman from Calgary visited with Dawn White on Sunday, Nov. 14.
Lorraine Langlois brought her baking to Princess Lodge on Nov. 26, so we could buy her lovely baking.
The druggist from Virden Drugs is coming to give us our Covid booster shot on Nov. 30.
Sinclair Choir is coming Nov. 26, to sing Christmas carols. It will be a nice treat. We haven’t had entertainment for a long time.
S.A.I.L. purchased two pedal bike exercisers, they work great for those residents who aren’t able to exercise.
The birthday party for residents having a birthday in November and December will be on Nov. 29 in the afternoon for card bingo, then tea and treats.
Joyce Heaman visited Evelyn and Gordon Brennand who live in Brandon recently.

Evergreen Place By Helen Martens
It is a lovely, quiet place at Evergreen this morning. My neighbour is up and down the hall to the coffee room, her bread has been started. Fresh bread, what a good smell. Then add the good smells of a bacon breakfast in the making from another suite and we say life is good.
I remember another Nov. 22. It was in 1963, a sad, unforgettable day, which many of you will remember, as the day when President Kennedy was assassinated.
Today is a different day, though there is much sadness in the world which the pandemic has brought with it. I want to mention face masks. I know they are mandatory. Some wear them well while others, like me, have a hard time with them. I was doing my shopping one day, and after an hour at home, I noticed one of my hearing aids was gone. Lost, but where? I was upset. That was a two-thousand-dollar loss for me! A friend helped me search and found it stuck to my face mask in the van. That was a good day for me.
I try to write only good news from Evergreen. Spending this morning in the Common Room with residents, this is what I heard.
Harold and Lynda Spring watched their nine-year-old great grandson play hockey here in Virden, his team playing Deloraine. It had been a good game.
Terri Mills had company on Friday, her daughters Dawn and Patty came to visit their mom. Patty's daughters Piper and Jocelyn were also there. What a special time that must have been.
Irene Rowand had her granddaughter, Helen, over for an overnight. The day after, Helen and her grandma baked cookies. What a delicious way to spend time with a granddaughter.
Ralph and Linda Heaman came to visit at Evergreen this week. I had the privilege of tasting one of their delicious Christmas cakes. In my last report I asked if anyone had a Christmas cake recipe they could share with me. So far, no response.
Margaret Rollo is at it again with her own creations. We'll be seeing them around here this Christmas season. Just where we do not know yet, but she has something fun up her sleeve.
It is almost Christmas time again. This means it's time to bring out those Christmas lights. They complete the holiday spirit in December. Well, come on people, let's light up our homes and town with Christmas lights. The time to start is now!
Quote for the Day: " Leave a little sparkle wherever you go. Whoever leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten." - Author unknown