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Your Community cares

Community life is filled with triumphs and tragedies balanced with hope.
Your Community Firefighters
Linda Clark and daughter Julie visited the monument for Fallen Firefighters in Ottawa, which includes James Hargrave of Walsh Alta., husband of former Arrow River resident Elizabeth (Lelond) Hargrave; his name is one among dozens of other names engraved in stone. It’s a beautiful monument near Parliament Hill. 

Miniota By Linda Clark

Our community extends deepest sympathy to Ken Hunkin and Jim and Fiona Hunkin on the death of their brother Scott. Sympathy also to Scott's family, Justin Hunkin and family and Brittany and Brian Park and their mother Sharon Ellerington.

We also extend sympathy to Elsie Dickenson and her family on the death of her daughter-in-law Dawn Dickenson of Rivers. Our thoughts are with Dawn's husband Doug, her children and grandchildren as well as extended family members.

Winter has arrived in Manitoba.  While many are not excited, certainly the children are and the moisture is much needed for next year.  The rinks are alive with hockey and our local hockey players are on the road these days.

Your news this week is being sent to you from Ottawa, as I enjoy family time with Julie and Kevin Halipchuk and family. Weather has been beautiful and many very colourful trees still hold their leaves. One of my stops was to the Fallen Firefighters Memorial Wall and Monument.

"Hope is a renewable option. If you run out of it at the end of the day, you get to start over in the morning." Barbara Kingsolver


Princess Lodge By Janice Simpson

Roy and Kim Everett of Brandon spent Wednesday visiting, and having supper with Ethel Bowles and Donna Everett.

Birthdays for November are Beth Stuart, Doris Nield and Charlotte Hutton.

Sheila and Percy Pierce have moved into the lodge. I hope you enjoy living in your new home with us.

Well, the snow has arrived. I try to think positive, we need the moisture, every time I have to clean off my car.

So, I guess we’ll have a white Christmas.


Evergreen Place By Helen Martens

Morning of Nov.15: Good morning to all. The world is so beautiful. I quote Helen Steiner Rice, "Observe the loveliness of a wintry scene. Each snowflake, like each human being, is special and has its own individual characteristic." Living in a place like Evergreen, I understand the quote.

What a change we've had in the weather. When you drive out on the highways watch for wildlife, especially moose and deer. Animals have their own characteristics too. From experience, I know that moose want to be in control. They will saunter onto the highway when they see you coming, stop and watch you. When you stop, they will slowly step off the highway to the other side. Then there's deer, they want to make sure they cross the highway in front of a vehicle. Not only that, they can run up to 35mph, and try to outrun you right beside your vehicle.

I checked things that happened on Nov. 15. So here is a question for you. Who was the longest-serving Prime Minister of Canada? On Nov. 15, 1948 he retired after 22 years as Prime Minister. You are right! It was Lyon Mackenzie King.

Here's what we Evergreeners are doing these days. Some have started baking for Christmas. Could someone share a good Christmas cake recipe with me? I would appreciate it.

Vern and Margaret Rollo brought in my Christmas tree from the screened porch last week. Vern had blown the dust off the tree with his electric leaf blower. Just in time for Nov. 15 which is usually the date I start decorating for Christmas. So, if you will drive past Evergreen after today you will see the lights in my window greeting you.

Many residents get together playing games these snowy days. A small group get together on Saturday evenings to play cards. One couple went out to some friends last night to play Aggravation. From the way they talked about it they'd had a wonderful time. Emmi, who moved in recently was hoping there would be someone here who loved to play Scrabble. Now, I have a Scrabble buddy.

The Common Room will soon be busy with Qwirkle lovers, a really fun game. I hope to be part of that group.

Chris Leach is back at his lob, shovelling snow off the sidewalks. One resident said, “be sure to mention, he shovelled a path for me right up to my vehicle”.

Nov. 15 is also called "National Clean your Refrigerator Day." Now that's for me. I better get busy!

Quote for the Day:  "Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine." - Anthony J. D'Angelo


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