Melita Marauders team members honest and humble

The students on this year’s Marauders basketball team, after going all the way to the qualifying game for Provinicals in only a year, have some choices now to make about their futures after they graduate. The majority of the team is not afraid to admit that though they love basketball, they may choose a different career, and part of that this the realism of how tough it could be to actually go pro.

  The teammates definitely agree on one thing, that the best part about playing basketball on the Melita Marauders it is playing with each other. Russel Pulliney describes it as “good chemistry” and loves it when they go into a game together. They also say that as long as there is a team in Melita, they will play on it until they graduate.

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  They also have a few personal reasons for loving basketball. Pryce Brown, in his first year on the team, said he likes playing defense the best. “I have really long arms so I’m pretty decent at blocking people. I find it easy and fun to do.” But that after high school he won’t be looking to make basketball into a career.

  Dante Costa said, “There are a lot of really good players out there. I don’t know if I’m up to it.” And that in college he’s going to join the team as a “walk-on” because “you never know”.” In honesty he admits it can be tough to go pro, you have to be exceptional, and not everybody gets to join pro teams. Costa’s favourite part in basketball is shooting.

  At this time, Marcus Laureola seems to be the only team member without a doubt that he will go on to become a successful basketball player in the future. His plans is to join a college team, then travel overseas afterwards to play on a professional team. “When the time is right, I will know it,” he said.

  While most young adults are usually attributed to thinking ideas of fame and fortune, the young adults on the Melita Marauders basketball team are quite the opposite. They are honest and not afraid to admit that a future career in basketball might not be available for all of them, and aren’t afraid to say whether they feel they would be capable of one.

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