Elkhorn K-Grade 11awards

This year the Elkhorn School staff decided to hold the usual fall K to Grade 11 awards day on the last day of school.

The event started with a hot dog lunch at the school and, after a short recess, the school gym began to fill up with parents, grandparents, friends, students and staff and invited guests. During the ceremony there was cheering and support for the successful students and phone cameras taking lots of memory photos.

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The first order of business was the promotion certificates of the Kindergarten class, students of Miss Magotiaux. What they lacked in enthusiasm they made up for in excitement.

For Grades 1 - 6 students, prizes given out for, most improved, diligence award, general proficiency and a number of special classroom awards.  

Cheryl Sisson, head of Elkhorn School Parent Committee (ESPC) group gave an award for Play Ground Citizenship while  local Elks Club member  Fred McLean gave the annual  3-C Award to  a student in grades K to grade 11.

Grades 7 - 11 awards covered such areas   as, most improved, subject proficiency and class level honor roll, presented by the homeroom teacher of the various grades.

The afternoon finished with special awards and recognitions. The first was the 20S home economics prize at by teacher Colleen Chapman to Tristen Shiner; next, was Band music awards by teacher Sandra Unger, for Grade 6 Kurt Rooks; Grade  7, Chezney McAuley; and Grade 8 to Jackson Sisson. 

Elkhorn School credit course in business took the form of the school store where the students could buy special items, while other students were charged with the operation of the store and related functions. This year, Business Ed teacher, Mr. Speight gave out two awards for best effort, to Clayton Rozak and Sean Chant. Besides the recognition, they each received a $50 cheque for their efforts.

Every year the school has the option to give out the M.T.S. Educators Award to a deserving member of the community who has given of their time to help make the school a better place to be. This year, the award went to Boyd Canart, a former Elkhorn School grad who donated many hours to improve the school’s track and field facilities.

There was just one more event that afternoon which was a farewell to a long-time and well liked teacher aide, Shelly Cousins, who is going into semi-retirement; and to the hard working head school custodian, Barb Perrin who is being transferred to Goulter School in Virden. 

During the ceremony, many of the students were multiple award winners.  Principal Barrate, in closing, thanked everyone for coming, and for the strong community support of the school, wishing everyone a great summer, saying that he and the staff look forward to seeing them all in September.

 Elkhorn School Store award for outstanding effort won by Clayton Rozak and Sean Chant, (l-r) teacher Brock Speight and Clayton Rozak; missing from photo, Sean Chant. 


School custodian Barb Perrin receiving a thank you bouquet from Elkhorn School Principal Lance Barrate. Perrin is transferring to work in Goulter School.

Taking semi-retirement, Shelly Cousins (l) is shown appreciation for her work as a teacher aide by Elkhorn School teacher Julie Sabourin.

The Kindergarten class of 2017 have just received their diplomas with teacher Angie Magotiaux.

Home Economics teacher Colleen Chapman presenting Tristen Shiner the award for the highest standing in Home Ec. 205.

The winners of the school’s band program, grades 6 to 8 (l-r) Sandra Unger, Kurt Rookes , Chezney McAuley and Jackson Sisson.

 Grades K-11 students who are recognized with the annual 3 Cs award presented by the Elkhorn Elks Club. The award is given for the students demonstrations of consideration, cooperation and courtesy presented by Fred McLean (left rear).

Elkhorn School M.T.S. Educators Award was given to Boyd  Canart for his work on improving the school track and field facilities; (l-r) Principal Lance Barrate, Boyd Canart, teachers Sandra Unger and Tyler Wood.

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