Fort La Bosse School Division meeting

A regular meeting of the Board of Trustees was held in the Division Board Room on Monday, Sept. 11. Members present were: G. Draper, C. Russell, N. Chaske, L. Irwin, D. Jamieson, C. Lowes, R. Masson, M. Walker, B. Pitz, Superintendent of Schools, K. Reid, Secretary-Treasurer, and V. Wilson, Supervisor of Operations.

• The following Trustees are authorized to attend the “MSBA 2017 Fall Trustee Education Workshop” in Winnipeg on Nov. 17:  Robert Masson, Nicole Chaske.

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• Trustees approved the off-school site, over-night and out-of-province trips for 12 Gr. 11 and 12 VCI students as they travel for varsity girls volleyball on the following dates: Sept. 8-9 to Regina, SK; Sept. 22-23 to Weyburn, SK; Sept.29-30 to Roblin; Oct. 13-14 to Sanford; Oct. 19-21 to Saskatoon, SK; Nov. 3-4 to Brandon, and Provincials on Nov. 30 to Dec. 2, 2017 to Brandon.

• The off-school site, over-night and out of province trip for 10 Gr. 9 VCI students, as they travel for junior varsity girls volleyball to Weyburn, SK on Sept. 15-16, for a tournament was approved.

• The off-school and over-night trip for four VCI students as they travel for girls provincial golf tournament to Dauphin on Sept. 21–22 was approved.

• Trustees approved the off-school and over-night trip for 11 Gr. 9-11 Elkhorn School students as they travel to Morden and Somerset, MB for a Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball Tournament on Sept. 28–29.

• The continuance of the Divisional Workplace Safety & Health Committee Variance for a further three-year term was approved.

• By-Law No. 2/2017, providing for the borrowing of $64,900 by way of promissory note for the purposes of partial payment of the costs of various projects as listed on Schedule B to the said by-law, were given second and third readings and become law.

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