It’s a VERY Merry Christmas for Melanie Matiowsky!



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The Chase the Ace was finally won at the Souris Legion! Melanie Matiowsky will have a very Merry Christmas after winning $5692.50 in the Chase the Ace draw!        

On Wednesday, December 12, cribbage players occupied seven tables.  Dave Johnson with Doug Dodds achieved the best score of the evening. Alva and Don Doherty took the second prize.  Evelyn Harlton and Deb Robinson finished in 3rd place.  Nancy Birks won the 50-50 draw. First game of 2019 will be played on Wednesday, January 9.

On Thursday, December 13, we had 26 hopeful noisemakers ready to play bingo. Three shouts came from Darlene Dooley, Lynne McDowell and Marie Neilson. Barb McKinnon, Lee Johnson, and Gladys Skoc made double yells. The Little House amounted to $35 and shared by Marie Neilson and Lee Johnson.  It was not a 50-50 split since Lee had 2 winning cards.  First game of 2019 will be played on Thursday, Jan 10th.

On Friday, December 14, our meat draw was very busy. Winning tickets for the meat were well spread over the clubroom and the only person to take home two packages was Darrell Kempthorne (which he did last week too).  Shelley Nepinak held the lucky number for the 50-50 draw and received $291. Well, it had to happen! After the excitement of Melainie Matiowsky winning Chase the Ace, a pork loin supper was available.

The price of a strip of tickets for the “Chase the Ace” draw will be now be $2.  

Congratulations to all the birthday people this week: on December 11, it was Amelia Morden and Arnold Matiowsky. On December 12, Ardelle Woods was celebrating and on December 14, it was Jeff Kohut, Donna Bisson and Bev Somersall. 




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