Like spider webs, the World Wide Web can also trap you

Paul Kimball's Inklings

Webs fascinate me! We have a monstrous one in our garage…along with a monstrous spider that calls it home. Occasionally we sweep it away, but before we know it, a new masterpiece has been spun in its place, equaling the one we destroyed. Those intricately-made spider webs are truly one of nature’s marvels! But, despite their beauty, they can be deadly things, trapping anything that gets too close.

There’s a web that fascinates me even more! It doesn’t originate from the legs of spiders…it comes from the hands of human beings. It’s the world-wide-web…the internet. And like those dangerous spider webs, this one can also trap you!

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I could easily spend all my waking hours trapped in this web. I know some who are…playing games all day long. Not me! I limit myself to two games daily – one game of Cribbage and one of Crazy Eights. What I find especially alluring about this web is how so much information can be just a few keys away. Or, in the case of Siri, just a few words away!

I use it to finish crossword puzzles and to listen to music. I use it to listen to podcasts and to watch videos! But for the most part, I use it to help better myself in what I do for a living – pastoring. Learning to be a better pastor…gathering information to be a better preacher.

I’m very careful not to ‘steal’ the sermons of others, although that would be easy to do. There must be a gazillion of sermons on the web – I know of one site that has 1,747,300 waiting to be listened to!

The web is very helpful resource when it comes to sermon preparation.

I discovered a site about six weeks ago that continues to amaze me. It’s called It’s a site where you can go if you have any questions about Christianity…or if you want to read answers to the questions others have asked. When I first came upon this site, there were – are you ready for this? – there were 578,712 questions and answers to be found! I know that the Bible and the Christian faith are deep, but I would never have guessed that it was possible to ask that many questions about it! How wrong I was! Because today, as I write this, there are 582,845 Q & A’s. Incredibly, people have thought of another 4,133 questions in the past six weeks…and they’ve all been answered!

Every day, I select one random question and read the answer. At this rate, I’ll have them finished in 1596 years – in 3615 AD…unless more questions are asked! By then, I’ll be an old man! is just one of the 644,000,000 active sites on the world-wide-web! No wonder it’s so easy to get trapped in that web!

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