137 walk, run the streets of Virden

New route enlivens annual Fun Run / Walk Sunday

Conditions could not have been better for Sunday’s Family Fun Run/Walk through the streets of Virden.

It was a sunny, calm and comfortable 10 degrees when the first group of 10K runners passed under the red starting arch at 8:30 a.m. and the 3K group launched at 9 a.m.

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A wide assortment of age groups participated, from babies in strollers, to school children, to adults and seniors, all there to raise money for the Virden Skate Park.

Organizer Cindy Branum calls this year’s event “a really good year” with the number competing in the 10K category double what it has been in recent years. There were 37 athletes in the 10K and 100 in the 3K.

She’s also pleased with route changes that improved upon last year’s tweaks.

“We cut the Goulter School portion and went through Scarth Drive (for the 3K route) … and we used the train underpass for our 10K.

“Then we switched from Queen Street to Wellington and ran by the creek. It was a more scenic route and much safer as we got four trains crossing Virden the morning of the race.” In the past, trains have caused delays and unfairly affected the final times for some of the athletes.

Skate Park Committee member Marla Wilson said afterwards, “We are so pleased with the run this year. A beautiful day for running, participant numbers were fantastic and the community support we received was overwhelming. It is such a fun, high-energy event.”


  1. Zach Polk
  2. Michael Penner
  3. Markus Penner
  4. Joe Frizzley
  5. Wayne Unger
  6. Jim Kliever
  7. Doug May
  8. Karl De Paepe
  9. Patrick Martens
  10. Brent Day


  1. Ryder Martens
  2. Colten James
  3. Tyson Draper
  4. Corbin Hancharyk
  5. Owen Mytopher
  6. Carson James
  7. Cody Thiessen
  8. Carter Brown
  9. Mackenzie Masson
  10. Zoey Jebb
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