6 Districts to update history

Reaper, Parkland, Springvale, Boss Hill, Pacific and Hargrave

I believe it was always a desire of several community members that one day it would happen.

That day has arrived, current and former residents can start recording their families' stories from

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the last 30 years.

The Districts cover an area with five cairns and one school building still standing, whose central point is Hargrave - the only community where there is more than a cairn. Starting one mile west of Virden up to Hwy 256; along the south border of Wallace-Woodworth, from Hwy 83 north and road 66 N including the TransCanada Hwy and Hwy 257.

A whole new generation has arrived with the next generation hot on its heels. As well many

stories will have been lost as people have passed on. New faces, new homes, and new

businesses have popped up as well. Luckily, we have new resources and technologies to help

in our endeavours. We also have some community minded folks who saved newspaper

clippings and are still in contact with many former neighbours. Currently, a small crew is

discussing an update to the previous history book that was completed in 1989.

We are eager to get going however, things such as this time we live in with Covid-19 could play a role in us not gathering to discuss. There is no committee in place nor is there a plan of attack yet. Just a vision to get started and a book to be the end result. We are hoping to encourage all who would like to take part to contact me and we can discuss options via phone, text, Facebook or emails.

The last book took four years to complete. I am hoping with the new technology and enough volunteers to cut that considerably. The key will be people writing histories and submitting those and pictures to the committee quickly.

We currently have multi-generations who have expressed interest, with room for many more of all ages. Some of the newborn babies that were in the original book are as eager as the folks who created the first one. Look for our ad in this week's paper for contact information and bring some life back into 2020.

The best time to start was yesterday but the next best time is today.

By Donna Odell

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