A chance to reset our brains

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A chance to reset our brains

Is anyone else ready to think about something other than COVID-19?  Am I the only one? There is something about our brains that likes fresh thoughts and COVID is getting a little stale. I mean, even the Minister’s are tired of talking about it!

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I think that’s the point though. We need fresh thoughts. We need a fresh perspective and to think about something else. Specifically, the Bible says something like this, “I will meditate on God in the middle of the night…”

Now, news flash, God is bigger than all He has created.  He’s as close as a thought but far too large to be trapped in one little universe. He calls earth his foot stool. But wait! Hold on. That could be good news!  If I meditate on God, meaning, if I were to open my mind to the one who is outside this mess, I might find myself outside this mess!

So, the next time you get the urge to visit the news, maybe remember God’s plan to rescue us from the evil of the world: His Son on a cross, His Spirit in people, His mind as close as our own thoughts. 

Yes, God could make COVID disappear in a blink, but were we thinking of him before the lockdowns?  Maybe this is a chance to reset our brains. Maybe God is the freshest thought we’ve got.

Be blessed.

Submitted by Matthew Enns, Pastor, Oak Lake Berean Church

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