A shoe store beyond mainstream

Virden Footwear

Feet come in all shapes and sizes and for all their hard work, they deserve to feel good wherever they take us.

Virden Footwear at 220 Nelson St.West is family owned and operated, supplying footwear for the entire family from the very youngest, to workwear, athletics, casual, party time and seniors.

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Spring is an exciting time when feet can attract a second look and Clayton Murray is thrilled to be open.

 “When we had to close because of COVID-19, the summer stock was just coming in. Ladies love sandals! It’s by far the most exciting time of year,” Murray said.

The personalized service - matching the shoe to the customer - is why Virden Footwear is successful.

During COVID-19 closures the store was shut for about six weeks, with curb-side pick-up only, from online sales.

However, Murray stated, “I do still think people want to come to a store and have personalized service.” A steady stream of customers on May 4 attest to that fact, and with several hand sanitizer stations, there’s plenty of room for social distancing within the store.

Previous owner Vanny Hellman developed the Virden shoe store’s reputation and Clayton and Bonnie Murray have continued to grow that service, going on six years as of July 1.

“When we bought the store, we learned a lot from the Hellmans and we had a lot of staff that stayed on.” Margaret Robbins, for example, was a 20+ year employee who brought a wealth of knowledge until her retirement.

Customers come to Virden Footwear from throughout southwest Manitoba, including Brandon. “We actually get some from as far away as Winnipeg,” says Murray.

They often come looking for specialized orthotic shoes. “Anyone with any sort of foot trouble can’t always find [shoes] in your mainstream shoe stores… and then we deal a lot with people that don’t have orthotics but are looking for support.”

Virden Footwear carries some exceptional brands.

“If someone needs more heel cushioning, there’s a shoe for that. If somebody has a high arch or a low arch, there’s different shoes for that.”

Virden Footwear also carries the latest to rise in popularity such as Muck boots and Oil Capitals branded Summer Skates (slip on styles).


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