A smoking aircraft disappeared from view

RCMP Report


During the week of Feb. 3 – 9, the Westman RCMP dealt with 39 police activities.

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Feb. 3 - RCMP pulled over a vehicle in the town of Virden while conducting traffic enforcement. The vehicle was not registered, and as a result, the driver was issued a $672 ticket for driving without vehicle liability insurance.

Feb. 5 - RCMP were dispatched to Sioux Valley for a report of brothers fighting. One was alleged to have a knife. Police attended and the victim in the matter did not wish to proceed with charges. Police searched for the other brother, and determined that he was breaching a court imposed curfew condition. He was located the next day and remanded into custody.

Feb. 5 - RCMP were dispatched to Sioux Valley for a report of an assault. As a result of the investigation, a warrant of arrest is being sought for a 34-year-old male who is to be charged with assault.

Feb. 6 - RCMP were dispatched to the RM of Sifton for a report of an airplane in distress. It was reported that the plane was flying low, circling and had black smoke coming from it. Patrols were made and the aircraft was located, however quickly disappeared from view and was not located again. No further calls were received.

Feb. 7 - RCMP were dispatched to a domestic disturbance in Sioux Valley. It was reported that a male had assaulted a female, and damaged her vehicle. The female then made an attempt to stab the male.  As a result, both were arrested and are facing charges in relation to the incident.

Feb. 8 - RCMP were conducting traffic enforcement in Sioux Valley and pulled over a vehicle to check for suspected impairment. As a result of the investigation a 17-year-old male was arrested and charged with impaired driving.


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