Accounting firm MNP cyber hacked in early April

Randy Mowat, Senior VP of Marketing for the Canadian accounting firm MNP confirmed, in a statement to the Empire-Advance on Wednesday, April 22, that MNP experienced a cyber security incident which affected their systems.

MNP, formerly Meyers Norris Penny was founded in Manitoba and has long had an office in Virden.

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Mowat said the company became aware of the security incident on April 5 and moved quickly to address the incident, shutting down access to their systems across the firm to minimize the impact.

“We immediately engaged a team of experts to investigate the incident and we notified law enforcement.”

There’s an ongoing investigation into what was, according to information on industry publication Bleeping Computer (security/technology news publication), a ransomware attack.

 Mowat says MNP has had their systems tested and have brought everything back online.

“We also reached out to our clients to ensure they were aware of the incident and our efforts to continue to serve their needs. Until it is further along, we are not able to determine with certainty the impact, if any, on our clients. Once that investigation is completed, if it has been determined that client information was impacted, we will take the appropriate and immediate steps to communicate directly with them.”

The investigation is expected to last several more weeks. Mowat says, “We thank our clients for their patience and support as we have worked our way through this.”

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