African worship inspires Virden congregation

African children showed a Virden crowd in the Alliance Church what exuberant worship looks like. Sawuti African Children's Choir are touring with Seven Wells Ministries Canada.

Seven Wells is a faith-based development organization raising up a generation who will transform Africa. ( National Director Doug Sadler from Winnipeg gets emotional as he relates the families he met in Rwanda, the children living in dark, mud huts with just a single meal per day, if they are lucky.

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The beautiful young performers drummed and sang the message of faith and thanksgiving to God as Creator and Savior, with charming smiles on their faces.

As they danced and sang the audience clapped along with the music and pre-school children in the pews did their own little dance of joy.

Pastor of Virden Alliance Church, Dr. Simeon Norton was also visibly moved as he thanked the Seven Wells team, not for a concert, but for coming to lift up his congregation in worship.

Seven Wells provides a way for Canadians to sponsor the children of Rwanda and other parts of Africa. The price of a cup of coffee per day gives a sponsored child the means to attend school, receive a meal as well as education. Sadler says it’s the way to interrupt a cycle of desperate poverty.

Sadler is passionate about these kids, giving of his personal time to help with the tour, working around his day job as a teacher with English Language Institute at U of M in Winnipeg.

An ambassador from Return Ministries also made a presentation, explaining how their organization helps Jewish people who want to make Israel their home. Return Ministries encourages Jews and Christians to work together to fulfill God's plans and purposes for Israel. Their role is not to proselytize, but to build bridges between Jewish and Christian peoples. For information go to:

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