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Miniota By Bev Peel

What a beautiful time of the year to go for a drive to see all the colourful leaves on the trees that turn into flowers as they dot the territory in all shades! Especially in the Assiniboine Valley where they are very dominant, and even nicer now that the sun is not partially covered with smoke from the fires in California. Also, to see how the harvest is being taken off to help feed the world. Much less stressful this year as we have only had a few showers, which gives the farmers a chance to slow down from such long continual busy hours. By my records from last year, at the end of August we had over three inches of rain and in September we had around five inches.

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The Charis Honey farm has had another very busy year of selling honey by the pound and by the barrels, being picked up by a semi.

"Happiness is like honey - you can pass it around, but some of it will always stick to you."      

On Sunday Sept. 13, the United Church started their services with "COVID friendly" regulations with Linda Clark and will be alternating every second Sunday with Elaine Kestirke this Sunday, Sept. 27.

Sept. 19 a "Jack and Jill" (mixed) tournament was held at the Miniota Golf Club with 20 couples. It started out with a millimeter of rain and some fog but by noon it turned out to be a most beautiful day with a slight breeze and 18 degrees. How lucky can those golfers get! 

I will end with a quote from a cookbook as no one is sending me any news: "Grandfather had a farm, his son had a garden and his grandson has a can opener!"

This COVID year we are hearing of many more people that are planting gardens and teaching the young where our food comes from besides enjoying lots of good vegetables. So, there is some good happening because of it!

Evergreen Place By Helen Martens

I am thinking equinox this morning. Sept. 22, the Fall equinox happens, and it is the first day of Autumn. We say goodbye to summer and step into my favorite season of the year. We have two equinoxes per year, in March and September. Day and night are approximately the same length those two days. They are also prime times for northern lights to show.

Some cultures around the world celebrate festivals and holidays to mark the September equinox. There are also two solstices each year, when the sun is the farthest distance from the equator. They fall on June 21 and Dec. 22, bringing in summer and winter.

It takes brave people to clean out eavestroughs on a two-story building like the Evergreen Place. It was done this weekend. Another Fall chore done.

I appreciated getting a few responses to my question about the song I mentioned in last weeks paper. I have yet to hear if anyone remembered singing it though.

I enjoyed going to Cromer area to my son Peter and Cindy Martens for a chicken meal on Sept. 17. On the 19th I went to Elkhorn to my great-granddaughter, Scarlett Nykoliation’s, fifth birthday party. Family is so special!

It is time to clean out our gardens. A few here are done already. My jalapenos still need to grow, and I need a good green tomato pickle recipe for the remainder of my tomatoes. There's time yet to dig up potatoes.

Valerie Smith, Ferri, Owen and Austen Rowand were supper guests with Sherald Joynt on Sept. 19.

Joyce Braybrook accompanied Marian Braybrook to Winnipeg on Sunday, Sept. 20, to attend Joyce's granddaughter’s bridal shower.

The Rollos had a great Sunday drive yesterday, all the way to Lake Audy. They went through the Bison Enclosure and were fortunate to see four baby buffalos. The 40 plains bison have 500 hectares to roam around on (1 hectare = 2.4 acres). A drive over cattle guards into the enclosure gives visitors, like the Rollos, a chance to view the bison up close. The Lake Audy plain was chosen for the enclosure because old bison bones and markings were found in the area. As a bonus, the Rollos also saw two bears and of course the beautiful Fall scenery, one of the reasons for the round trip.

Just a reminder, if you wish to try it. It is the equinox and you can set up an egg on your counter.

Quote for the Day:  "We need joy as we need air. We need love as we need water. We need each other as we need the earth we share." - Maya Angelou

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