An Oil Slick

National Junior team falls to Team Finland


In a very disappointing outcome, our National Junior team bit the dust to Team Finland in overtime in the quarter finals, the first time Canada has not won a medal when playing at home. Millions of Canuck hockey fans were obviously extremely disappointed, for obvious reasons, but also extremely proud that our boys played their hearts out, and that's all anyone can ask from them.

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We had our chances to score more goals in this game (and others) but didn't, either through bad luck or bad breaks (can you say broken stick) or more often, simply a lack of skill. The margin of error between these teams, once dominated by Canada, is no longer there, there are so many teams that are now competitive. Absolutely no one's to blame, it's called sports, it's a game and sometimes things don't go your way. Life goes on.

As far as all the many personal negative insults and comments on Instagram levied against Team Canada's captain Maxime Comtois for missing that penalty shot awarded to him in OT, those people are "sick" and they should be ashamed of themselves. Really! What on earth were you thinking. You're attacking a teenager who is giving his all, living his dream, proudly representing his country on a huge international stage and because he doesn't score in an unbelievable pressure packed situation, you're ready to cast him out of the "village". Ignorance at its finest!

Congrats to Team Finland for their excellent performance, winning their third gold medal in the last six years when they defeated the Americans in an exciting game.


Much has been said about "Ovie'" (Ovechkin) choosing to sit out this year's 65th All-Star game, saying he needs to rest for the upcoming playoffs and the defence of their title. Most of the public reaction has been negative, and it should be, with most believing it's an honour to be selected to the mid-season Classic and a duty to participate. The NHL now punishes players who chose not to play with a one game suspension. Will this trend catch on, possible, ask Carey Price?

Trivia time, where is the game being played?


Round two of the Super Bowl playoffs begins this weekend when the surging LA Chargers go north to frozen New England to lay a lickin' on the Golden Boy and the Patriots, a sort of changing of the guard. The Colts, riding on the coat tails of reborn QB Andrew Luck, will squeak out a win on the frozen plains in Kansas City. The Eagles, after ripping the heart out of the Da Bears, won't be so lucky when they visit the Saints in the Mardi Gras city while the LA Rams will finally earn some respect when they blow out America's team, the Cowboys.


Before last week, had anyone heard of Bianca Andreescu? The 18-year-old Canadian female tennis player pulled off by far the biggest upset in her young career in a tournament in New Zealand when she defeated not only the legendary Venus Williams but also the #2 seeded player, Caroline Wazniacki. Unfortunately, she lost in the finals but this experience will serve her well in the upcoming Australian Open. Move over 'Genie (Bouchard), you have company!

Trivia answer, the San Jose Sharks are the hosts. Until next time....


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