Antler Sask. loses last business in a fire

The restaurant and bar of the La Salle Hotel in the little border town of Antler, Sask. Caught fire on Thursday, Oct. 29 as first reported.

Redvers Volunteer Fire Department responded with 12 firefighters, hoping to control the fire and save the business.

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Fire Chief Brad Hutton said the owners called the fire in. The cause of the fire was in the Kitchen area, but no specifics are available at this time as the investigation still on going.

When the fire department arrived, Hutton explained they “tried from within the building, to contain it for 30 minutes, but were unable to, so they moved outside to continue to fight it.”

However, they could not save the structure and it is a total loss.

According to details on Face Book, Dale and Kim Hawkins owned the business and the fire is devastating for them.They said, “We are heartbroken right now as the Hotel meant so much to us. We were fortunate to have such excellent workers through the years, some who were like family to us.”

This was the last operating business in Antler. Local people are also feeling this is a great loss to the community.

Antler is about 15 kms west of the hamlet of Sinclair, Man. and about 30 kms from Reston. The La Salle steak pit made the hotel a popular destination in the area for food and entertainment.


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