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The weather is getting nicer, it’s inviting you outside for a walk on this Easter long weekend. Now, in Manitoba you can do that almost anywhere, but did you know, there is trail that spans from the Rockies to PEI in Canada? The Great Trail (TGT) now consists of more than 27,000 kilometres of multi-use trails, linking Canada and Canadians.


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That’s a bit more than a weekend walking trip, but you can find a nice bit of trail within an hour’s drive; a portion to suit your timeframe.

Check it out here:

The interactive map shows you photos of the area and provides information about how steep the trail may be.

The Rossburn Subdivision Trail looks like a nice one because it is a trail dedicated to foot travel, while some portions in southern Manitoba are along public roads.

The Rossburn trail follows the abandoned rail line from Russell to Neepawa, passing through Silverton, Angusville, Birdtail, Waywayseecappo, Rossburn, Vista, Oakburn, Menzie, Elphinstone, Sandy Lake, Rackham, Erickson, Clanwilliam, and Bethany.

Information on the website tells that there’s several hot spots for bird watching, as well as wild life viewing areas such as beautiful Beaufort Lake, just west of the Town of Sandy Lake. You can see great horned owls, great blue heron, cormorants and gulls, to name a few.

There are many stunning viewpoints to enjoy. Moving west to east, the first such viewpoint is located between Angusville and Rossburn, followed by the one at Dancing Bird Lake, then just past Erickson and finally the Windy Viewpoint that is located where the Desjarlais Trail intersects with The Great Trail. Courtesy of Trails Manitoba.

It’s a long walk if you choose to go the length: 174.43 km. The gravel trail affords walking / hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking and in most cases the logistics would require drop-off and pick-up arrangements.

Out your back door

If the TGT sounds like a lot of fuss, check out paths nearby, such as the trail at Reston.

Canupawakpa Trail is located just east of Reston off #2 Highway on Rd 159W this self-guided nature trail winds for 1 km through riparian forest and bush and features rapids, beaver dams, towering elm, maple and ash trees, and a wooden bridge over Oxbow Lake.

Signs at each of the 12 sites outline the heritage of this walking path.

At Miniota, the Silver Bend Walking Trail sounds interesting. But is it navigable? There’s information about it on their website: go to Visiting and you will find the details.

Oak Lake holds its own attraction. It may be a little chilli to camp just yet, but there’s lots of places to walk there.

If you do make it out for a walk this weekend, you may find something growing. Is it too soon for crocuses? There’s certainly wild life stirring; birds galore.

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