Arts Mosaic begins a new show

Erickka Patmore is an emerging multidisciplinary visual artist. She currently lives in Regina, Saskatchewan, and grew up on a farm by Pipestone, Manitoba. Erickka holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in visual arts, which she obtained from the University of Regina in April 2020. Erickka has exhibited regionally and online, most recently being featured in the online Social Distance Gallery.

Erickka chose the works for the exhibition at Arts Mosaic to illustrate the emotional struggles that she faced during a time of Covid-19 isolation. The works use multiple media including oil stick, collage acrylic and oil paint. The pictures contain many “small, personal details that ... are hidden to varying degrees, encouraging viewers to spend time with each piece and try to work out the details.”

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Be sure to stop in and see her art until September 30.

Also, the work can be viewed online at:

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