Arts Mosaic features Virden Collegiate art

Each June Arts Mosaic features Virden Collegiate art students. Although the gallery had to close in March, you can enjoy the work of these young artists through the online gallery:

High school art students learn important concepts as you will see on their gallery page.

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Here’s what VCI art teacher Rhonda Schindler had to say about the Gr. 9-12 art:

This year at Virden Collegiate the students have had a different art experience than any other art group in history. Our second semester was cut short with the global pandemic that is Covid-19 and the students have been working at home for most of the semester. Because of this our art show looks completely different than it has in the past.

The Grade 9 Art Class focuses on the study of the “Elements of Art”. The pieces created by the students demonstrate each of the elements.

Pieces among the showcase include Elements of Value and Shape. For Value, the students drew an object and then used the value scale to “colour” the positive and negative areas that were created on the page with the lines. The Shape assignment called for the students to create an animal using only the basic shapes. They then collaged the animal on a shape background.

The Grade 10 Art Class at VCI focuses on the study of the “Principles of Art”.

In this showcase we see examples of Motion through Stop Motion video, Balance focusing on all three types (radial, symmetrical and asymmetrical), and Pattern with Beading and zentangles.

The Grade 11 Art Class focuses on exploring the different mediums available to the students - Oil Painting, Chalk and Oil Pastel, and Plasticine.

Grade 12 Art Class at VCI uses previous skills the students have learned. They are expected to create eight pieces of art using different mediums to showcase their skills to create a portfolio for application to an art school.



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