Arts Mosaic gallery features the work of Lynette Grumpelt

Pixie Perfect Design Co.

Arts Mosaic gallery is open to the public! For the month of July the feature artist is Lynette Grumpelt of Pixie Perfect Design Co.

Lynette is a Westman girl, through and through. She spent her younger years growing up in Elkhorn and Oak Lake, before moving to Virden where she met her husband Josh. They still live in Virden with their three dogs; Layla, Zephyr and Bowie. Her interest in architecture took hold at a young age, and she has always loved “old things”. She is pretty quick to pull the car over if she sees an antique vehicle or abandoned house.

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She started working in the Marketing field in 2013, which is where her love of design and layout began. Since leaving the Marketing sector, she started her own micro company called Pixie Perfect Design Co., which also encompasses her photography. She has designed marketing materials and logos for several local businesses, as well as companies across Canada.
She is an active member of the Virden Skate Park committee, and provides marketing for Virden Theatre Productions fall musicals. In her free time she enjoys reading in her hammock, baking and camping.

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