Assiniboine level rising

Heavy snowfall between April 11 – 13 in the Assiniboine River watershed from Saskatchewan into Manitoba has prompted officials to increase outflow from the Shellmouth reservoir.


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Beginning April 14, Wednesday in the early morning, the outflow increased and the rising river level will be noticed at Miniota and Virden over the next few days to a week.

Manitoba Infrastructure’s Hydrologic Forecast Centre reports the outflow from the Shellmouth Reservoir will be increasing today due to anticipated run-off from the upper Assiniboine River.

The current outflow is 52 cubic feet per second (cfs). The outflow will be increased to 600 cfs. This will result in a two-to-three-foot level increase on the Assiniboine River from the Shellmouth to Russell and one-to-two-ft. level increase from Russell to Brandon. The increase will diminish as the river reaches Winnipeg.

Multiple strong low-pressure systems brought winter back to eastern Saskatchewan and southern Manitoba.

Spring was showing very dry conditions and precipitation was welcome throughout Manitoba, however conditions for travel became treacherous on Monday and Tuesday.

The first of the low pressure system on Sunday brought heavy snow and blustery winds through eastern Saskatchewan and southern Manitoba, continuing through Monday.

A second system from the Great Lakes brought more snow on Monday night and Tuesday for both regions, with accumulations of about 20 centimeters of heavy snow in areas north of Virden and near Brandon.

With showers and warmer temperatures forecast, up to a 9-degree sunny day on Saturday, snowmelt will raise the entire river system from Shellmouth and eastward. 

River users should be cautious. However, the rise in water levels is not expected to impact properties and the river will remain within its banks.


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