Assiniboine rising, as of Nov. 4

The Assiniboine River has been running very low all summer long, in 2019. In the valley east of Virden it was reported you could walk across and the river wouldn’t top your rubber boots.

That has changed since the fall rains, and, it will change yet again on Nov. 4, as the Province plans to increase the outflow from the Shellmouth Reservoir from 50 cubic feet per second (cfs) to 450 cfs.

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The increased drainage of Shellmouth is part of the annual fall/winter draw down to make room for anticipated spring run-off from the upper Assiniboine River.

According to Manitoba Infrastructure’s Hydrologic Forecast Centre, the increased flow will mean the Assiniboine in Miniota and Virden valleys could rise as much as two feet.

Directly downstream of Shellmouth will see the greatest rise of about three feet, while by the time the Assiniboine reaches Winnipeg it is expected to run just one foot higher, due to the increase in outflow at Shellmouth.



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