Audit of Virden water system shows compliance

Outside of a continued concern about arsenic levels in Virden’s drinking water, the Province of Manitoba has put its stamp of approval on Virden’s Public Water System (PWS) and staff.

The results of an annual PWS compliance audit were presented to councillors by Chief Administrative Officer Rhonda Stewart at Virden’s regular council meeting on Monday. Stewart told councillors the town’s water and sewer treatment facilities and its operators met requirements for provincial certification.

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The lone issue - an ongoing problem with increased amounts of arsenic - has been improved with various equipment adjustments. However, it remains a non-compliance of provincial standards and the Town of Virden is maintaining a close eye on it. An advisory plan on the issue is due to the province by May 1, while another assessment is due on March 1.

Stewart said it takes several months, possibly up to a year, of clear testing for the province to consider it compliant.

Arsenic levels in Virden’s water system were found to be above federally regulated limits in 2017, moving the town to change its water treatment procedures. The water improved, but broke the limit again the following year. The town has since approached the Manitoba Water Services Board (MWSB) for help. Further improvements to the water treatment facilities have been completed to rectify the situation.

Nevertheless, the municipality is seeking a new water source. The MWSB led that effort with test drilling during the summer of 2019.

Arial pest control agents chosen

Crows and nuisance birds have four town residents to watch out for after council appointed the crew to dispose of the pests where necessary.

Adam Gonty, Maurice Kernel, Rodney Stuart and Zac Penner were granted authority to eliminate and dispose of nuisance birds using firearms within town limits. The quartet are only allowed to deal with birds as per the motion passed at this weeks meeting.

Residents are asked to phone the Town Office with concerns about crows or other feathered pests in and around their property.



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