Birdtail River Fine Arts Festival winners honoured

Beautiful trophies, awards are boxed up to be distributed to winners Competitors in BRFAF received valuable adjudications

Birdtail River Fine Arts Festival awards for vocal, piano, instrumental/band and visual arts sessions were scheduled to be presented on March 15, but by that time, COVID-19 had gone to pandemic proportions. Organizers called off the Final Concert that was scheduled for that Sunday afternoon.

Performers benefited from inspiring adjudications and short workshops.

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Piano adjudication was provided by Everett Hopfner, director of the Eckhardt-Gramatté Conservatory of Music at Brandon University (BU).

Vocal adjudicator Kari Rutherford is a Mezzo-Soprano who holds a bachelor’s degree BU School of Music for Voice Performance under the guidance of professor Sarah Hall.

Janet Yochim, Band/Instrumental adjudicator, is a Manitoba Band Association Award of Distinction recipient and the band instructor at Virden schools.

Visual Arts adjudicators were experienced artists and art educators, Joan Trott, and Marilyn Schick.




Beginner Piano - Jude Davison, Hamiota

Gr. 1 Piano - Elle McLean, Oak River

Gr. 2 Piano - Quinn Bryant, Miniota

Vi Smith Memorial, Folk Singing 10 Years & U - Harmony Wilson, Kenton

Awards & Trophies:

Miniota United Church Sacred Solo - Jessica Young, Miniota

Mathison Trophy 15 & Over, Showing Promise - Jessica Young

Robert Stewart Memorial Visual Arts Trophy - Sam Keller, Miniota

Isabella Vocal Award 10 Years & Under - Jude Davison

Eileen Kent Honourary Vocal Award, Showing Promise - Roanna Davison, Hamiota

Nicholson Farm Trophy, Gr. 3 Piano - Rainn Paddock, Rivers

Arrow River Women’s Trophy 14 Years & U - Elise Armitage, Miniota

Nicholson Farm, Gr. 4 Piano - Ava Evans, Beulah

Crandall United Church Vocal Award, Showing Promise - Harlie Blanchard, Hamiota

Country Crocus Keeper Trophy, Outstanding Piano Performance - Aimee Creighton, Rivers

Kenton Consumers Co-op Ltd. Trophy, Gr. 5 Piano - Aimee Creighton, Rivers

Mrs. D. W. Fraser Memorial Trophy, Gr. 7 Piano - Emily Bryant, Miniota


Isabella Community Women, Vocal - Jessica Young

Mable Brandon Memorial, Beginner Piano - Ashley Boyd, Rivers

Kenton Legion Ladies Auxiliary - Kennidy Routledge

Ryan Hamilton, Band - Hamiota Grade 8

Bruce and Janice Waddell - Seth Hamilton

Mable Brandon Memorial Piano, Gr. 1-2 - Avery Clark, Isabella

Hamiota Art Club, Visual Arts - Grace Waldner, Decker Colony

Mable Brandon Memorial, Piano, Gr. 7 & Up - Emily Bryant, Miniota

Campbell Flowers & Gifts, Vocal, 11-14 Years - Roanna Davison, Hamiota

Hamiota Lions Club, Vocal, 10 Years & U - Ariah Davison, Hamiota

Mable Brandon Memorial Piano, Gr. 3-5 - Aimee Creighton, Rivers

Recommended to Provincials

 Jr. Piano - Aimee Creighton, Rivers

Int. Piano - Emily Bryant, Miniota

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