Black cats howl: “Why not us?”

Virden rescue puts black cats first in February

If black cats had a theme song, it would probably be the Judds’ Why Not Me. Ruby, Cinder and a dozen other black or mostly black cats at Virden Pet Network hope to persuade would-be adopters to consider bringing them home this month.

Rescue manager Kathy Heaman says the Pet Network has teamed up with Pam Henton of Pamz Pet Supply and Spaw to recognize Black Cat Syndrome Awareness month.

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“Black cats are very hard to adopt. So, if we can give people some incentive to adopt them, not only do they get a great cat but they also get some great products to keep their new feline happy and healthy.”

For the month of February, each black cat adopted through the Pet Network will get a free gift basket from Pamz worth $30, filled with toys, cat nip spray, food dish, gift certificate and more.


Heaman says old-fashioned superstitions and myths often mean that black cats linger in rescues and shelters for years waiting to be adopted. One example is Sasha, a short-haired black and white female who’s been waiting at VPN for almost six years.

Contrary to their bad luck rap, says Heaman, black cats are often the best-natured, friendly and gentle cats - and they all have a story to tell.

“Smudge came to us after he had been chased up a hydro pole by some dogs and was electrocuted by the wires,” she remembers. “He had burns on his face and paws, and we weren’t really sure if he was going to make it. But he’s now doing very well in his forever home.”

Henton says she’s had at least a dozen black cats over the years and thinks they make the best pets.

“I just think they have extra sweet personalities. Maybe they know they’re prejudiced against and so they gotta work it!”

VPN currently has 14 black or black and white cats who qualify for the promotion, which wraps up at the end of February.  

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