BRFA Festival future is uncertain

At the annual meeting of the Birdtail River Fine Arts Festival, president of the organization, Linda Clark of Miniota says the main topic will be the festival’s future.

For two years, including the spring of 2020, the festival has been successfully held in Hamiota, providing a full range of sessions including a small dance session the first year, speech arts, band, vocal and piano competition as well as visual arts.

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However, the small committee feels they need a larger team in order to continue.

The festival is due to move to Miniota, but without committee support that may not happen.

Another hiccup has been the cost of transportation – bussing students to sessions. Many schools are no longer willing/able to participate with classroom presentations, although some teachers value the opportunity for student involvement.

Clark has suggested the festival may proceed, but with limited classes. “I would like to recommend this as a trial for a year: Birdtail River would offer speech arts classes (no classroom choirs), piano classes and visual arts classes.”

BRFAF has been a valuable asset over many decades and has encouraged young talent who can thank the festival for the stage and instruction it has provided.

Clark is a long-time champion of the fine arts within the communities. She is willing to continue to give direction to another term of the BRFAF, however she says the festival committee needs parents who share that enthusiasm and can help out.

Current officers, Helena Davison and Anne Davison, are also willing to continue if more support arises for the fine arts festival.

The annual meeting is being held Thursday, June 11, at Cornerstone church in Hamiota. However, you don’t have to attend to contribute to the discussion. Clark wants to hear from anyone within the Birdtail festival area who wants to offer help in any way. Give her a call before the end of June, or send an email to

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