Brock Koop: Candidate profile

Mayoral candidate, Virden

I was born and raised in Kola, Mb. I went to high school here in Virden, and bought my first house in town here about seven years ago.

I am a middle child of three and I am married. I have worked for a rental company in town here for the last eight years.

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Some of the qualities I have that makes me a good candidate is that I deal with lots of people on a day to day basis. Another quality of mine is that I am humble and I am not afraid to ask questions if I don’t know or understand the problems. 

One concern that needs to be fixed is being able to put aside money during budget time for future expansions and projects. I want to be a role model for our young people and want them to get more involved with politics, by voting and showing up to council meetings especially during budget time.

Local politics affects everyone’s day to day life, so why not be involved. I enjoy being a problem solver and a leader so I put my name in for mayor.

I think for me being the “young” one at the council table for the last four years has given me some great experiences that I am able to carry over to the mayor position.

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