Burning rubber smell brings out fire dept.

Wallace District Fire Department was called to a Virden home at around 2:30 pm Monday. A resident on Queen St. West had smelled burning rubber inside the house. She was the only person in the home at the time and got out without incident. 

Firefighters did a thorough inspection of the bungalow and found no fire. It's believed a malfunctioning doorbell may have caused the burning smell. 

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While they were in the home, firefighters also checked the smoke detector's wiring and battery to ensure it was working. 

WDFD is offering free smoke detector check-ups as part of a provincial program.

Free Smoke Alarm Inspections

Virden and Elkhorn firefighters will visit local residents to perform free smoke alarm inspections, replacing batteries and installing smoke alarms as part of the S.A.F.E. Family program (Smoke Alarms for Every Family).

If residents require additional smoke alarms or have alarms that aren't working, fire department personnel will install 10-year lithium battery smoke alarms at no cost.

To book an inspection, call 204 748-1304 or email: wdfd1@wcgwave.ca

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