Cannabis retailers named for Virden

Names drawn yesterday by Province

The provincial government has drawn the names of several companies that will get a chance at operating cannabis outlets in seven Manitoba communities, including Virden (see chart). 

The successful retailer for Virden is the same company that owns the Northern Hotel, a Main Street hotel and bar in Winnipeg. The second business drawn is a numbered company. This company would be given the chance to open a cannabis store in Virden if the Northern Hotel ownership decides to pass. 

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Several Virden business people had applied for the opportunity but were not selected in yesterday's random draw. Kim Halowaty of the Alexandra Hotel was one of them. 

After the news was made public, she said, "I haven’t given it much thought and wasn’t going to unless we were chosen… I’m not disappointed though. Just applied to see what would happen and then I would have pursued it further.'

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