Climate change ... every other day

From summerish to winterish

In the course of a day, residents of Westman went from lawn mowing weather to slippery driving in a winter-coat climate.

A snow flurry overnight Thursday, Oct. 3 left enough of the white stuff Friday morning to make a snowman or two. Old Man Winter popped in, then melted away Monday and Tuesday with … Indian Summer? … and swept in again a day later, this time to stay the weekend, according to the forecast for Westman.

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But Westman is better off than the eastern side of the province where, at Winnipeg, the floodway came into operation late Wednesday, Oct. 9 due to the rising Red River. That is the first time the floodway has been operated in the fall, with the Red at 14.1 ft. above novrmal ice level at the St. James bridge. Another 50 cm. of snow is expected between Portage and Winnipeg this weekend.

The snow forcasted to fall today and over the next few days may all melt away as by Wednesday we expect the sun and warmer fall weather.


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