Coffee with Melita's Mayor

For generations, people have gathered at their local coffee shops to discuss everything from world affairs to last night’s hockey game.

Mayor Bill Holden is hoping to bring that same conversational atmosphere back to the Town office to better inform the people of Melita. The new program is called Coffee with Mayor Bill.

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“A lot of the feed back we were getting from people around town was through social media,” said Holden. “But there are still people who don’t get their information that way. There are many people who still get their info at other places, one being at the coffee shop.”

And Holden believes that coffee shop information is not always accurate. So the idea was to invite people to the Town office, grab a coffee and have a chat with him, the Mayor of Melita.

The initiative is held in the morning on the second Friday of each month from 10am to 11am.

“Really, the purpose of the meeting (Coffee with Mayor Bill) is just to get the Town info out there before they find out at the coffee shop that something is wrong.”

Holden said he’s happy to discuss any concerns or answer any questions people may have on the Town and its operations.

“If they have specific ones (questions) they want to know or answered, they can let us know ahead of time and we can have the proper people here and make sure we have the information for them,” said Holden. “We would like to see anybody that has any concerns, doesn’t matter what they are - come on down.”

Three Coffee with Mayor Bill events have been held so far, the first on October 11, then on November 8, and an evening session on November 13. Turnout has been anywhere from one to eight people.

The next one is today followed by one scheduled for Friday, January 10.

Said Holden: “The only thing worse than no information is misinformation. I’d rather sit down with people face to face than get involved in any kind of chat on social media. As long as people want to come out and talk, we’ll keep doing it.”

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