Colleges, Universities presentation to students

Snips from Post Secondary Day

Busses rolled in to VCI bringing Grade 11 and 12 bringing students from Reston and Elkhorn to join Virden students for their choice of two presentations from among 10 post-secondary institutions.

U of M

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University of Manitoba presenter spoke about the broad horizon and flexibility that university education offers. She told of a co-worker whose original intent was to become an architect.

“So, she went into her first year, took [introductory] courses. One of the courses she took was psychology. It changed her life forever because she actually ended up getting a degree in psychology, and is now working in a field that she truly knows, works for her.”

She said ‘soft skills’ also acquired at university: presentation skills, communication and research skills.

U of R

The University of Regina presenter said, “We work a lot with non-profits… we really focus on programming that allows students to work within the community.

“Students are encouraged to study abroad as well. We make that very affordable. We guarantee students will find a career or job within six months of graduation or we give them a year of free tuition if they are unable.”

Among certificate courses offered are Artificial Intelligence courses, such as video game design and robotics.

French as a Second Language is a one-year program at Regina. “You come in at a beginner level without any background in it… and you come out fluent,” said the presenter.


Brandon University

presenter explained, “If you were interested in Medicine, you would… get a full degree (at BU) and then apply to the U of M. The nice thing about starting at BU, we have small class sizes, you are going to get individualized attention.”

The presenter explained a co-op option - a bridge program between graduating and launching into a job or career.

“With this program, you are going out into the workforce, getting the skills and knowledge that you need.”  In this arrangement, students are paid, receive practical skills, a university credit and make connections with employers.


The Red River Community College representative explained the college’s focus.

“The training that is done is the skill that you will need….”

For example, an emergency responders courses will see students in the field within weeks of their start,“job shadowing paramedics on the night shift, experiencing all the gruesome realities you might get called out to.”


The Assiniboine Community College presenter addressed the difference between college and university, but she explained, “People are doing both. There’s more opportunity for you to begin a course in college and transfer to a university to finish it.” Some people follow a university degree with college courses for specific skills.

U of W

The University of Winnipeg offers several unique programs in Western Canada - a Bachelor of Arts in Human Rights, and a Master’s degree in Development Practice with a focus on Indigenous Development.

The Richardson College for the Environment & Science Complex is an innovative Science Complex with research into climate change, isotope productions and cancer tests, and air and water pollution.

Faith-based institutions

Providence University College offers a liberal arts education, Biblical studies including a Master of Divinity, applied technical and vocational courses plus aviation.

Booth University College, strong on social justice Booth offers degrees in English and film, and behavioral sciences to name a few, as well as certificate courses.

Christian Mennonite University offers a comprehensive undergraduate program of studies. Redekop School of Business is a feature of this university where Christian ethics and service are cornerstones.

Steinbach Bible College is equipped with a Conservatory of Music and bachelor, associate and certificate programs of Biblical ministry. Online education is also available at SBC.

The BU presenter threw out the invitation, “Test drive the university and make sure that is what you want,” inviting students to an information day.

The morning event was arranged by Stay in School Career Development Coordinator, Shelley Rowan.


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