Community church hosts first VBS in Lenore

For three beautiful sunny mornings, Aug 21-23, 20 children, ages 4-11 from Lenore and surrounding area enjoyed Bible stories, dramas, music, crafts and snacks all wrapped up in a Country and Western theme.

For the first time in 18 years of ministry Barbara and Jason Hodson felt the call to organize this kind of a program in their local community. The Hodson’s have been ministering at the CrossRoads Community Church in Kenton, since its inception in 2000. 

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With a recent addition of some families to the church in the past year, Barb wondered if some of the other moms would like to participate in a VBS outreach. They all had a resounding “YES!”

“We had a fantastic resource of skill sets in the moms in our church this year,” said Hodson. 

Colleen Anderson, a kindergarten teacher at Canupawakpa Dakota First Nation, was a master story teller, recounting the life of Moses from his infancy to the receiving the Ten Commandments. She captured the children’s attention with props, actions, pictures and a Robert Munsch - style of storytelling. 

Connie Hill secured a wonderful Western theme backdrop from the Lenore 4-H Club. She helped with “rodeo roundup games” outside in the freshly mowed Lenore ball diamonds.

Bonnie Kent (Kenton are) led the General Store Craft station along with her sister and daughter.

Emma Boynton and Dianna MacDonald organized the snack station.

Barb Hodson lead the mornings with videos set in Dirt Clod (fictitious cow-town) and foot-stompin action songs.

Young leaders

Young ladies in the church, Sienna Hodson, Jaylin Hill, Ricki Hill, Ellie Slimmon, Lucy Boynton and Elizabeth Anderson participated in a captivating skit, made posters/props and as “deputies” led the groups from station to station.

“We could not have done this without the help of all these people. It was a great group bonding experience for all involved,” said Jason Hodson, pastor of Cross Roads CC, who came each morning to help with games, supervision and provide cowboy comic relief.


Parents said their children had a great time.

Asked what they enjoyed most about VBS, children said, “when they telled stories about God” … “we went outside lots” … “the yummy food”. 

CrossRoads plans to have a VBS review Sunday on Sept. 9 at their regular service in Kenton Hall.

“In view of the great support and interest in the community, we will definitely want to do this again next year,” stated Hodson. 



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