Convoy stops in Virden en route to Ottawa

The United We Roll convoy rolled into Virden late this morning, as it makes its way across the country to Ottawa.

Well under 100 vehicles (semis, RVs, SUVs and other vehicles) made up the convoy that pulled into Virden to be greeted by local supporters and grab a free lunch at A&W.

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The organizers also invited people to sign the maple leaf emblem on the front of the lead semi. The lead organizer, Glen Carritt, started a Go Fund Me online fundraising campaign to help defray the cost of fuel and "incidentals" incurred by the convoy participants. It's estimated the return trip from Red Deer to Ottawa in a semi (loaded one way, empty on return) would cost about $4,500 in diesel fuel if the vehicle used the #1 through Canada. 

The convoy is travelling from Red Deer to Ottawa in protest over the Trudeau government’s policies on pipelines, the carbon tax, and other issues, says Carritt: 

"The purpose is to show our concern to the current government that we oppose bill C48 and C69. We are in favour of pipelines to move our products in the oil and gas sector to the rest of Canada as well as the rest of the world. We are apposed to the current format of the carbon tax as well as the UN impact on Canadian boarders." 

Generous Canadians have already donated more than $77,000 and the campaign continues to rise. 




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