Cromer's Bonnie Lewarne releases 13th book

Bonnie Lewarne of Cromer, Manitoba is set to release her 13th published novel Turquoise Beach under the pseudonym of her maiden name Bonnie Lawrence. Turquoise Beach is about how the small town of Justice, Colorado is rocked when young Stacey Baxter is murdered. The local sheriff vows to find her killer but as days, months and then years pass, the murder is eventually classified as a 'cold case'.

When a grainy photo emerges of the only suspect in the case, Stacey's sister, Hanna, travels to the Dominican Republic, intent on finding her sister's killer, putting herself in the path of danger.

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“I do use 'real' places in my books, although it is always in a fictional manner. These are always places that I have visited and I try to give my readers a sense of these wonderful places, to maybe encourage them to visit or to experience these destinations if they are unable to travel,” said Bonnie. “I also use some completely fictional places as well, such as Rainbow Beach, Florida in the Rainbow Beach series.”

Bonnie began writing as a child but didn’t take it serious until a trip to Hawaii (the Big Island) inspired her to pick up her pen once again. “It truly was just a hobby and even though I published eBooks almost right from the beginning, I didn't tell anyone what I was doing,” explained Bonnie. “It was strictly for my own pleasure. Eventually, after I had written several books, I revealed to friends and family what I had been up to.”

All Bonnie’s books are fictional; usually romantic suspense: Big Island was released December 2012; Shadows of the Mountain – March 2013; The Blue Lagoon Hotel – December 2013; Wherever you Go – March 2014; The Moment You were Born (1st in the Rainbow Beach series) – May 2016; Not Always Black & White (2nd in the Rainbow Beach series) – May 2016; Jett (3rd in the Rainbow Beach series) – July 2017, Now What? (1st in the Maui series) – December 2016; Message to Maui (2nd in the Maui series) – June 2018; Follow Me (3rd in the Maui series) – November 18; Moose Mountain Escape (1st in the Proud to be Canadian series) – June 2018; Safe Haven (2nd in the Proud to be Canadian series) – June 2019; and Turquoise Beach – January 2020.

 “I write with a loose outline,” said Bonnie. “I know most twists and turns of the book before I start writing and definitely know the ending.”

Lawrence has published her books online with KOBO and Kindle and her paperbacks are produced through Amazon (Kindle), they are available online through Amazon, in Virden at her store called Pitter Patter and also at Arts Mosaic in the 'train station'. Reston and District Library has started carrying Bonnie’s books and hopes to acquire more.

“I usually print about twenty books at once and books are printed 'on demand' from Amazon.” Sidenote: books are eligible for free shipping when you buy two.

There is a fourteenth book in the works. The idea came to her as she was finishing up Turquoise Beach. It will have a slightly darker tone and will be mainly set in Aruba.

Bonnie was born in Virden, her father worked for IPL in Cromer, which is Enbridge now. “I spent most of my life in Regina and graduated from U of R with a degree in Business, majoring in Finance. Worked for CIBC as a commercial account manager until my son, Trevor was born in 1993 and the following year, I opened Pitter Patter in Virden. My daughter, Jennifer was born in 1995. Both kids are now living and working in Winnipeg. My husband, Grant and I live in Cromer.”

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