Crops in southwest Manitoba are either wonderful or gone

Most crops in Manitoba’s southwest region are looking great, however they stand alongside washouts and drowned out potholes which may not recover. Now in flower and heading out, fields are being sprayed with fungicides needed with recent high humidity.

Crops, particularly corn, got a slow start in the cold spring weather. Canola is spotty in some areas due to flea beetle and cut worm infestations.

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After a period of hot and dry conditions, a major storm system arrived in the province bringing heavy rainfall ina short period of time rangingfrom120to160mmfrom Souris north toward Newdale, and east toward Alonsa. Oak Lake reported some five inches (127mm) of rain. Hamiota and Souris areas also got considerable amounts of rain from 60 to 80 mm. Elsewhere the southwest corner of the region, and Russell area had close to 25 mm of rain.

Virden Ag Rep Daniel Boulanger has also received reports of hail damage throughout the area amounting to 11 per cent in some fields.

On June 15, hail damaged crops near Elkhorn, Kola and Virden; hail on June 29 was reported at Reston, Cromer and Sinclair.

Kenton area crops have received spotty hail damage. Following the storm system a week ago where the area around Kenton received anywhere from a couple of inches to significantly more, another thunderstorm early this week left over an inch of rain with standing water throughout fields there.

Generally, cropsthroughout Westman look very promising and are benefitting from hot and humid days.

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