CWE features masked legend in Virden

Live wrestling entertainment is on the ropes at Virden Collegiate Monday evening, April 22 with a masked headliner known as Psicosis.

Danny Duggan is pumped about the show that CWE brings to town. “We’re celebrating 10 years of operation with 38 events in 38 days across Canada.”

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On the Virden card there are seven matches – the biggest event ever – with 21 different wrestlers.

“The headliner, Psicosis is from Mexico, a lucha libre legend and he is going to be in action with another lucha libre wrestling star from Canada who spent a lot of time wrestling in Mexico and Japan. So they’ll be in tag team action,” says Duggan.

Psicosis (his real name is Dionicio Castellanos Torres) is an experienced Mexican professional wrestler.

Lucha Libre style wrestling ( developed in Mexico and is characterized by colorful masks, rapid sequences of holds and maneuvers, as well as "high-flying" maneuvers.

Wrestlers on this tour come from seven different countries including Canada, USA, Mexico, Belgium, Spain, Germany and Austria.

VCI is selling tickets through the Student Association, Gopher Creek Coffee Co. plus tickets are available on their website at

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