"Dasher" sited near Evergreen, two weeks' news from Miniota

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Hello again! Because I did not send a report two weeks ago, and last week Community News failed to be included in the Paper, I feel like I have missed you. I like scanning the Internet to see if a day has any special meaning. Nov. 13 is World Kindness Day. These suggestions are how to spend the international observance, but work well any day of the year:

1. Complement the first three people you talk to

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2. Pick up litter

3. Write a handwritten note to someone

4. Leave a generous tip

5. Send flowers to a friend.

Imagine what the world would be like if each person did one kind thing for someone else every day. The purpose of life is to be useful, compassionate, honorable and to have it make some difference that you have lived, and lived well.

We extend our deepest sympathies to the Heslip family. Sylvia Heslip, who was a resident at Evergreen, passed away in the Virden hospital on Wednesday, Nov 11. She was a friend who will be greatly missed.

Changes, changes with the pandemic restrictions tightened again we must encourage one another, and keep hope alive that soon the danger of coronavirus will be over. There is a Power greater than the virus at work in our world today. Let's keep a strong Faith and not grow weary.

On a happier note, slowly here and there at Evergreen the Spirit of Christmas becomes evident - a wreath on the door, lights in the window, a Christmas card in the mail, the smell of baking, and - was

that a Christmas carol I heard?

(An interjection: 11:00 pm right now and a big deer is right in front of my window. It must have been "Dasher" for he took off in a hurry when I went to look out! Back to my report.)

November birthdays at Evergreen are Pat Marshall, Phyllis Janzen, Harold Spring and Ann Lodder. Too bad we can't throw a party for them. Restrictions again.

Murray Hammond has moved to Westman Nursing Home. We hear he enjoys his new place and we know he will be a friend there to many.

Fortunately, we are allowed one visitor at a time again. I enjoyed a family brother-in-law from Winnipeg, Jon Saxon, who came for a visit. He combined hunting with visiting, and I was happy to receive a visit.

Quote for the Day: (from "Understanding Compassion" on Facebook, suitable for the time we are in): "Look after your friends. Make sure they're okay. Sometimes they are going through things that are really heavy but they might not say it."


Miniota By Bev Peel

(Nov. 20 report)

Memory Light Bulbs can be purchased at Fusion Credit Union even though there won't be an evening get together at the United Church to read the names out as we have done other years, because of COVID restrictions. The tree in the Memory Garden will still be lit up, I'm sure.

Because of nice weather and no street lights in some areas of town since Halloween morning, probably from strong winds, a lot of people have got their Christmas lights up and turned on to brighten up our town!

Doreen Clark has moved into the Parkissimo Lodge which now has filled all ten suites. Wishing you all the best.

The Parkissimo Lodge board had a meeting recently to decide what can be done in place of the Christmas supper for the residents and the board.

Walking in the Miniota Hall has been postponed until further notice. But many are taking advantage of the nice weather and walking outside.

(Nov. 27 report)

Word has been received that Murray Bonner passed away on Nov.10 at Medicine Hat, Alta. Condolences from the Miniota and Arrow River Communities to Kevin and Carol Bonner, Sandra and Bill Standish of Medicine Hat, Kathy and Brian Sieben of Calgary, and all their families and Murray's daughter, Courtney of Winnipeg.

Our Sympathy from the Miniota Community to all of Russell and Bernice Rollo's family in the passing of their Aunt Sylvia Heslip (Jim) on Nov. 11 in the Virden hospital.  

Thinking of Wendy Lelond with get well wishes from Miniota and Arrow River Communities. Wendy underwent a procedure in the Brandon Hospital recently and is at home now.

Even though the Miniota Drop In is closed the window has been decorated with lights, the railing has garland and bows and the fence has the message of "Peace On Earth."

Sunday, Nov. 22 a sunny, bright day and calm, we (Murray and Bev) went for a drive and saw six Hungarian partridge; 16 more had been sighted another day, and about 40 elk along the south side of the Assiniboine valley, plus three deer. Wow, that made our day!

Then, to take a drive around Miniota to see the lights. More people must have the time this year when there are no events taking place and with aving to stay home because of COVID in the Red. Everyone please stay safe and be careful in your travels.

Get well wishes to Harold Ladyca from Bolton Place, Virden, formerly of Miniota. He underwent surgery in Winnipeg recently.

 A quote by W.J Picard: "You can't do anything about the past but here's the real sorrow...You can mess up the present by frettin' too much about tomorrow!"

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