Days Gone By

Days Gone By

Compiled by Dolores Caldwell

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1 Yr. – Apr. 7, 2017

The Pipestone Creek crested its banks and crossed the road over the weekend from ice build-up north of Reston by Art and Donna Wilkins’ and Kendon and Sheila Campbell’s…In June 2013, the residents of Reston were hit twice with flooding in less than a week. In the summer of 2014, flooding caused water in some areas to reach more than one metre deep. Washed out and closed roads, sewage backups and lost crops led to a state of emergency being declared. So when officials from three levels of government were in Reston to announce a new flood protection plan of building a dike in 2015, sighs of relief were heard throughout the municipality. The dike was constructed at the west end of the community was designed to protect 30 existing residential homes from future flooding. Now spring runoff is being diverted around Reston on April 3…On March 17, Grades 7 – 12 at Reston School enjoyed many activities including yoga, floor hockey, art and board games for Wellness Afternoon.

10 Yrs.- Apr. 5, 2008

North American Lumber in Reston is pleased to announce that they are presently building a 46 ft x 30 ft (1380 sq ft) ready to move home with Aaron Smith as the contractor…Wing Night is every Wednesday with wings for .35¢ each at Aurora Bar & Grill in Reston…Amber Caldwell and Sylvianne Poirier passed their Jr. Bronze Freeskate elements and program at Redvers Test Day…After a long cold winter, Oasis Creemee Drive-Inn in Reston opened for business on Wednesday, April 2nd bringing thoughts of spring and summer.

20 Yrs. – Apr. 7, 2008

On Thursday, March 26, 1998  police were called to respond to an incident where a 51-year-old male armed with a knife, allegedly confronted a female employee at Pipestone Foods.

30 Yrs. – Apr. 7, 1988

On March 25, fishing at Oak Lake, Bill Morris landed a 2½ lb perch. The fish measured 14½ inches long.

40 Yrs. – Apr. 6, 1978

The Reston Broomball team travelled to Pierson on Saturday coming up as winners. Players: Glen Campbell (goalie), Blair Campbell, Kevin Isaac, Randy Boulton, Murray Jago, Bob Jago, Mel Forsyth, Brian Duncan and Keith Mann.

50 Yrs. – Apr. 18, 1968

Total sales at the South West Manitoba Feeder Cattle Association Sales at Pipestone last year were $850,000.000. Some 8,000 cattle were sold.

60 Yrs. – Apr. 17, 1958

The mercury reach a high of 81 on April 14…The possibility of forming a secondary school area was discussed at a meeting in the Tilston Community Hall.

70 Yrs. – Apr. 22, 1948

The residents of Sinclair were prevented from attending the opening of the Reston Memorial Theatre because of road conditions.

80 Yrs. – Apr. 21, 1938

Seventy five attended the shower in honour of Mrs. Ray Jones, a recent bride, at the home of Mrs. W. C. Jones.

90 Yrs. – Apr. 18, 1919

James L. Bulloch, has done some seeding and is the first in the district…Work has begun on the construction of the new Pool elevator at Sinclair.

100 Yrs. – Apr. 18, 1919

Several farmers, by installing a special attachment, have been able to use their Ford cars to work the land. H. B. McGregor has been discing this past week and Bryon Milton has utilized his for plowing.

110 Yrs. – Apr. 23, 1908

Word has been received that the provincial government will build a long distance telephone line from Virden to Pipestone and then west through Reston and Sinclair to the Saskatchewan boundary. We are assured of long distance service being built this summer and it is quite probably that local phones will soon follow.


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