Dead tree gets new life

Barry Tough has a bright idea

A homeowner, Barry Tough, couldn’t bear to part with a tree that seemed to be on its last legs.

“About a year and a half ago we though it was dying,” says Tough. “We decided to cut it down, but was going to habe to hire some one.

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“It was one of my favourite trees, a nice shape. I started cutting it down.” He took off branches and as he pared it down, he decided on a different course of action.

“I got some barn paint. I have a compressor sprayer.

He covered the surrounding plants and every morning, he got up and checked the wind to see if he could paint. , not wanting any paint to drift to places it shouldn’t, like surrounding plants or buildings.

Tough had taken off the scrappy branches, as the tree was almost as high as the hydro lines. It became about four feet shorter.

Now, that it is painted, there’s 2,000 solar lights adorning the landscape tree-statue.

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