Deputy Chiefs step down, new officers named

Recently, there's been a change in several officer positions in the Wallace District Fire Department Virden Station. Both John Davidson and Gary Mahoney, volunteers who each have 40 years in the fire service, have stepped down as Deputy Chiefs.

“They did not retire. They are both still very active with the department,” says Fire Chief Brad Yochim. They are continuing as volunteer firefighters while some of the younger members are stepping up to fill the officer roles.

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New Deputy Chiefs are Brad Nixon and Brent MacDonald.

Yochim explains that each station has two Deputy Chiefs. One is in charge of operations - making sure the trucks and equipment are ready to go and taking care of repairs to them. The other Deputy is in charge of training. He makes up the training schedule for their station and ensures that it happens.

“Their other duty is to fill in for me when I am not available,” says Yochim.

Other new officers include Captain Ky Tough, Captain Cory Nixon, and Lieutenant Tyson Van Eaton.

Captains and Lieutenants are each assigned to a company and are in charge of everyone in that company.

Each company has about 10 firefighters so when there is a call, those firefighters answer to their respective Captain and Lieutenant in that company.

There is no change of officers in Elkhorn Station.


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