Elkhorn Co-op food store break-in

A string of crime over the October 12 -14 weekend

The Elkhorn grocery store was broken into over the weekend in what appears to be a string of thefts in western Manitoba and eastern Saskatchewan.

Thieves smashed in the front door of the Twin Valley Co-op grocery store. Corporal Aaron Bailey with Virden RCMP said the crime occurred in the early hours of Saturday morning. He did not reveal what was stolen, or put a dollar figure on the damage.

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Jyl Oliver, the Elkhorn store manager said the food store is open for business. A local businessman came to the rescue.

“Mike Kyle (Extreme Glass) skirted in a new, temporary door on Saturday morning.”

In the ongoing investigation, an RCMP forensic team from Brandon responded to this case. Police are still actively investigating.

White Ford F-550

In another file, Const. Blakely reported a white Ford F-550 truck with an orange motorcycle in the back was stolen from the outskirts of Virden.

All in the same area - the outskirts of Virden near the airport - two break-ins occurred Sunday night into early Monday morning.

In one case, a truck and trailer building was broken into. A vehicle license plate and some keys were all that was reported missing.

In Elkhorn there was a break-in at the maintenance yard. Nothing seemed to be missing.

In Moosomin and Rocanville break-ins were also reported.

“We think they could be connected, we’re still investigating. They seem to be a pattern, similar thefts.

Currently, we are getting tips from people and hope to solve this as quick as we can,” said Blakely.

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