Elkhorn’s first outdoor flea market a hot ticket

The Elkhorn flea market hosted by the Manitoba Automobile Museum last Sunday was combined with a car rally, home cooked lunches and desserts, and a live music performance by Leona Joseph and the L-Tones.

Vendors set up their wares on the lawn. The ones with the foresight to bring their own shade weathered the heat best as temperatures soared to 31C, hot enough to worry anyone selling candles, lipstick or dairy products.

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The summery conditions are thought to have reduced customer numbers somewhat as folks opted for the nearest lake or park. But when the walk-in trade fails, smart vendors know how to save the day by buying from each other and so they did.

As things got hot and waspy outside, visitors could wander into the cool cavern-like interior of the reorganized and improved auto museum with its rows of vintage vehicles.

The overheated history buffs could also seek shade and take a trip back in time by touring the restored pioneer home, school house, and blacksmith shop on the museum grounds.

Mid-afternoon the band struck up and played a gentle mix of country tunes and oldies as tired vendors slowly packed up and wandered to the parking lot, thanking museum manager Wenda Bickerton on the way for hosting such a perfect prairie flea market.



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