Elkhorn senior celebrates at 101 yrs

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Miniota By Bev Peel

Belated Happy Birthday to Lily Bowles of the Elkwood Manor who celebrated her 101st Birthday on October 21! She is the oldest living pupil that went to Two Creeks School in a wood frame building, walking from south of Reeder where she lived at the time.

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Our deepest condolences to Greg Little and families at Decker, and the Reg and Muriel Bryant families in the recent accidental passing of Faye Little.

There was a car rally recently but no one has reported the details. Please send an email to me, Bev, at peel3575@gmail.com.

On Halloween Oct. 31, this year there will be a full moon. There was one on Oct. 1 as well and this only may be red or orange as it rises. If you are young enough you may see it again in 2039!

"Love, the last defense against old age - the last, and for those whose good fortune it is to have some one person to care for, or who have learned the infinitely difficult art of loving all their neighbors, the best." by (Aldous Huxley) from "Chicken Soup for the Soul."


Evergreen Place By Helen Martens

It seems like winter is here, -11 today, snow on the ground and more snow coming. But beginning of winter has nothing to do with weather, but with the time of year. On the calendar it starts on Monday Dec. 21.

We can look forward to Central time again, it begins at 2;00 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 1. We'll be given an extra hour to sleep in that morning. Those who go to church need to remember this on Sunday.

I checked on this because I did not realize that DST started on April 24, 1916 in Manitoba and ended Sept. 16, 1916. Then they called it Spring Forward and Fall Back. There have been many changes since then.

Now, a little thing of interest: Oct. 24 is called National Bologna Day; Oct. 25 is International Artist Day, a day that honors artists and all the contributions they made. Picasso, born in 1881, has been one of the most famous artists.

Now I'll go from Picasso to Marlene Balzar of Evergreen. Marlene is also an artist, part of the Virden Art Club. They still meet on Tuesdays. Marlene Balzar helped her daughter Maureen move to Oak Lake Beach on Saturday, Oct. 24.

Carol Gabrielle had her daughter Michelle of Winnipeg for a visit this past weekend.

Vern and Margaret Rollo celebrated Thanksgiving on Saturday, Oct. 17 with the Sararas family at Russell and Joan Sararas.

Virden Book Club has met again and we hope to continue on a monthly basis as we did before pandemic.

 Ruth Bader Ginsburg was appointed a Supreme Court Justice in the US by Bill Clinton. The following is one of her quotes: "Reading is the key that opens doors to many good things in life.”

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