Elkhorn Spray Park Grand Opening

Many hours of cold and hard work, by workers over the winter, and active fundraising by the Elkhorn Spray Park Committee and volunteers, led to the facility’s grand opening on Jun. 25. There was a large crowd in attendance, the weather even got a bit warmer.

Before the opening, everyone was treated to free hot dogs, ice cream, and pop. Everyone was given a final opportunity to bid on some fundraising draws for a few more items the spray park committee hopes to buy, to finish off the project.

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Tyler Mitchell, chair of the committee, welcomed everyone and recognized the great effort made by the fundraisers, commercial and individual supporters that made the project a success. Dennis Carter, RM Reeve, brought greetings from the municipal government saying, this is one of the most fun openings he has been to in years, and wondered if the dump bucket might be something he could use at some of the RM council meetings?

Carter went on to cut the official grand opening ribbon, and with that the spray pumps started up to a very excited group of children.

However, there was one more draw before the first bucket dump. Tickets were sold as a further fundraiser, and the winner would be the first person to receive the water dump from the large yellow bucket of water that slowly fills up before splashing down like a giant waterfall on the splash pad. 

Of course, the winner had the option to put the honor onto someone else, and Devin Stonehouse, a member of the committee accepted. The waiting children gave a loud countdown before the first dump, which was perfect.

In a brief conversation, with the sounds of happy children in the background, Chairman Mitchell said that they were “so happy with the turn out for the event, the donated food, and the strong community support for this project. It represents a lot of work and commitment by the people.”

The official cutting of the ribbon to open the Elkhorn Spray Park; cutting the ribbon is Reeve Denis Carter, as Spray Park committee members look on. 

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