Empire-Advance reach to Reston includes 14 communities

Since the Reston Recorder was suddenly closed last March, Reston, Pipestone and area found themselves without a paper. Now, the Empire-Advance has found the means to reach out to former Reston Recorder readers. We plan to keep Reston and Pipestone in the news. Current Reston Recorder subscriptions will be filled by the Empire-Advance and each Friday’s edition is being sold at outlets in Reston as well.

Subscribers will find their paper coming to their mail box for two weeks – the Oct. 2 and Oct. 9 editions. As of Oct. 16, the blue box system will provide blue box subscribers with their papers. Other subscribers will continue to receive their papers by mail.

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We hope that the Reston and Pipestone communities are as excited about this as we, the staff of the Empire-Advance, are.

Virden area shares the same Fort La Bosse School Division and the communities go back and forth with sports events, entertainment and business. Extending the Empire-Advance into Reston to fill the gap seems like a good fit.

The Empire-Advance will be happy to receive submissions of news and events from Reston area. Please reach out to Anne Davison in our editorial department, reporter1@empireadvance.caor 204-412-0050 with your news and feedback.

For business and personal/family advertising needs or commercial printing work, Candice McLauchlan will be happy to help. Email her at sales@empireadvance.ca. Marian Braybrook in the Virden office handles our circulation and subscriptions and you can reach her at accounts@empireadvance.caor phone our Virden office at 204-748-3931.

The Empire-Advance serves the communities of Oak Lake, Deleau, Sioux Valley Dakota Nation, Kenton, Lenore, Miniota, McAuley, Elkhorn, Kola, Cromer, Canupawakpa Dakota Nation and now Reston, Pipestone and Sinclair in the RM of Pipestone.

We are a Glacier Media owned and operated publication as was the Reston Recorder and as such they were a sister paper.

Along with the closure of seven Post Media outlets, other closures this spring included the Corner Pocket publications of Melita New Era, Deloraine Times and Star, the Souris Plaindealer. We are pleased to see the coverage area of the Melita, Deloraine and Souris papers has recently been taken up by the Boissevain Recorder. No community should be without a newspaper.

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