Evergreen has new resident; families enjoy much needed fellowship


Evergreen Place By Helen Martens

We’ve had many windy days. I was sure Manitoba must be the windiest province. But checking statistics I find I'm wrong. Alberta is known to be the windiest. Calgary is the sunniest. Manitoba is the coldest province. Abbotsford, BC is the rainiest location.

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Another resident has come to join us. Ed Milne has moved in. We welcome you to the Evergreen family.

I, Helen Martens, spent a day in Brandon visiting Cornie and Faith Martens for Faith's birthday.

Eileen Price went to Onanole last weekend to visit her son.

Irene Rowand says she is happy and excited that the humming birds have come to her bird feeder.

Father's Day will be here in a few days, on June 21. It is always on the third Sunday in June. June 19, 2020 is the 100th Anniversary of Father's Day. Mother's Day actually inspired Father's Day to start.

Looking for some quote for Father's Day and reading about 100 I chose a few quotes and ‘funnies’: "A man knows that he is growing old because he begins to look like his Father." - Gabriel Garcia Marquez      "When you need real understanding, when you need someone to care, when you need someone to guide you, a Father is always there."  -Thomas J Langley I liked this one for a chuckle: "I asked my Dad what it was like to have the best son in the world. He looked at me and said," I don't know, go ask Grandpa." One more. "I remember summers when my Dad would roll me down the hill in a tire. They were "Goodyears".

Happy Father's Day to all the father's that are reading this paper. Yes, you!

Quote for the Day: "Always remember, one very small act of kindness can change someone's whole day or life around. Be the reason someone smiles today." - Jim (and Red!)

Princess Lodge By Bernice Graham

Now that the warmer weather is arriving and we are not as isolated, we can enjoy being "set free" from being kind of cooped up!

A few of the residents enjoy doing a bit of gardening and, of course, our caretaker does a lot to get things off to a good start with bright blooms and blossoms and this helps to create a beautiful and uplifting atmosphere.

There is another flower that everyone has on their lawns - the abundance of dandelions. However, if you check this out on google, before you get too frustrated about dandelions, there appears to be scientific proof of the health benefits of these so called "weeds", providing you don't use chemical sprays.

Botanists consider dandelions to be herbs, as you can use the leaves, stems, flowers and root for health and medicinal purposes. Dandelions contain potent antioxidants, which can aid in blood sugar control, reduce cholesterol and kill cancer cells. Dandelion greens are an excellent source of vitamin A, K and C in its raw form and a good source of calcium and potassium and don't forget that birds, bees, butterflies and a host of beneficial insects look to the dandelion as a source of nourishment in early spring.

But, when these dandelions are sprayed with chemicals, this can have serious and fatal consequences to helpful insects and birds and our own health and well being. Wow! maybe we should be looking at dandelions as a friend instead of an enemy.

Even though we are not having month-end birthday parties, there were four birthdays in May: Joyce Heaman, Muriel Anderson, Marge Tapp and Kay Lynn Gardiner.

(Editor: Our apology to Bernice for missing this news, sent a couple of weeks ago.)

In recent news, Jesse and Dustin Everett of Brandon spent Sunday, June 14, with Donna Everett and Ethel Bowles. They had supper at Chicken Chef.

Miniota By Bev Peel

"Progress always involves risk; you can't steal second base and keep your foot on first!"

Wishing Marg Still a speedy recovery. She has returned home from the Brandon Hospital after a three-week stay for a knee replacement, take care!

Belated congratulations to excited grandparents, Kevin and Carol Bonner on the birth of two new granddaughters! Congratulations to Lacey and Kevin Rudlier on the birth of "Lidia Lacey Jo" on February 20. A little sister for Stella.

Also, congratulations to Daryl and Beckie McLeod on the birth of a baby girl, on June 5, "Milo Sofie Lee" a little sister for Arlo!

Another windy hot day on June 14, but had a Musical afternoon in front of the Parkissimo Lodge. A number of senior people enjoyed the music with guitar and singing by Keith Erwin, Amber and Elise Armitage on their Ukuleles.

June 14, twenty-five people gathered at the Miniota United Church for a non-denominational and COVID-19 friendly church service. Planning to gather again June 21 for another great get together for fellowship and to recognize the Graduates!

"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations."

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