Evergreen Place has new manager; Miniota extends recovery wishes to Brady Brown

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Miniota News By Linda Clark

We extend deepest sympathy to Donna and Bob Gardham and Irene and Ken McFarlin and their families on the death of their mother and grandma Lil Horner. Lil was a very active member of our community in the Anglican church, at the curling rink and on the golf course. Our sympathy is also extended to Lil’s sister, Dorothy Argue and her family on their loss. A family graveside service was held on July 7th at the Miniota Cemetery where Lil was laid to rest beside her husband Les Horner.

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Our community extends deepest sympathy to Glenda Still and Glen Humphries on the tragic drowning of Glenda’s son Eric Tourond at Lake Diefenbaker, Sask. on Canada Day weekend. We think also of Eric’s grandparents Glen and Marg Still and family members, as well as the Tourond family in their grief.

Congratulations to Ross Priestley and Monique Deschambault who were married on their farm on July 3rd, with family and friends in attendance.

The Oliver, Barnes and Robertson families enjoyed a visit from Chris and Amanda Lonson, Merek and Briar from Medicine Hat, Alta.

Chris and Christine Tougas, Aubrey and James from Red Lake, Ont. visited with the Clark families.

The Miniota and Area Foundation held the draw for their 50/50 raffle on July 1st at the musical evening at Parkissimo Lodge. The lucky winners were Larry and Judy Oakden of Hamiota. Congratulations! The Foundation appreciates the support of all ticket buyers as we continue to grow our foundation for the purpose of giving back to community organizations in Ward 1 of Prairie View Municipality.

We have been in a heat wave this past week, with temperatures higher than usual. Many have sought out lakes and pools to keep cool, while some have enjoyed the comforts of their air-conditioned homes. Stay cool. We await a good rain to keep the crops coming in our part of the world.

Having family around us once again is just what we need. As we all look forward to the perfect summer with family and friends this quote came to my mind. “You’ll know the people that feed your soul… because you’ll feel good after spending time with them.”

Ken Armitage is a patient at the Hamiota Hospital. Our thoughts are with Ken and his family.

Our sympathy to Ian and Rayleen Mossop and their family on the death of their granddaughter at Wetaskiwin Alta. who was killed in a train accident this past weekend. Sympathy to extended family members, Linda and Wayne Kenward, Colleen and Grant Brown and Brent and Jackie Mossop and their families.

Enid Haines accompanied Jon and Addy Hawtin to visit Jon’s parents at Olds, Alta., as well as visiting with her brother John Newsham at Innisfail, Alta.

Terry Howard from Saskatoon, Sask. visited with his mother Betty Howard.

Murray and Bev Peel of Brandon visited in town last week with family and enjoyed lunch with Faye Campbell.

Congratulations and best wishes are extended to Taryn Joseph, daughter of Terry and Jana Joseph, and to John Fouillard on their upcoming marriage at St. Lazare on July 17th. John and Taryn will make their home at St. Lazare.

Visits from friends, coworkers and family with Brady Brown in the Virden Hospital have been a positive force in helping Brady move forward since his accident. He is now up and walking and is hopeful to be home in the next couple of weeks. Thoughts continue to be with you Brady.

A quote from Facebook: “I’ll just take a minute and remind you that we only have one lifetime on this earth. It zooms by… and it’s over before you know it. So don’t waste a precious second living in mediocrity. Go after what gives you goosebumps.”

Hoping everyone is enjoying their summer, be that on the golf course, the lake, the baseball field, visiting with family and friends or even just coffee in your backyard listening to the birds and enjoying the beauty of nature.

We await rain as we experience drought conditions here in this part of Manitoba.

As people begin to move around as our province opens up, please phone news of your summer visitors to 567-3847. 

Evergreen Place By Helen Martens

We're back and July is here! Summer brings with it lots of warm/hot weather. I like Kellie Elmore's quote, "I love how summer just wraps around you like a warm blanket."

Manitoba still has many pandemic restrictions for us. I appreciate that I have freedom to go to Lions Campground to read, to drive in the country and enjoy the farmlands, the wild flowers showing their lovely colors, little fawns following the mother deer, etc. It reminds me of a Louis Armstrong song:

"I see trees of green, Red roses too,

 I see them bloom for me and you,

 And I say to myself, "What a wonderful world!"


In the news:We at Evergreen Place welcome Nikki Desjardins as new full-time Evergreen manager. Nikki, a young mother of two preschoolers, is friendly and ambitious. She says she has taken on a big job, but Sherald has taught her well. Good luck, Nikki, we believe you'll fill the position of manager well!

We have some sad news. We lost two of our residents during these last two weeks. My dear friend, June Gardiner, passed away and she is greatly missed. She was always so friendly and hospitable when I'd pop into her suite. When ever we, the Evergreen committee, needed information from the past it was just natural, "We’ll ask June, she'll tell us." She had lived here for 21 years. Our deep condolences to the family.

I express sympathy also to Don Lowes family. He passed away a few weeks ago. A lot of the time he was sitting in the lobby doing Word Search puzzles. And who was our puzzle expert? Certainly, Don was one of them. Seeing him there, he was usually ready for a friendly chat. We miss Don.

Hazel Wood, a short time resident has moved out. We wish her well wherever she lives now.

Lately the grass around the building has been sprayed for dandelions. The trees also have been sprayed for bugs etc. I am amazed how the trees always look more alive and greener when the dust is gone.

We are happy that Dale Hill is back in Virden. He now lives at the Sherwood. His room faces the Evergreen, so we can at least wave at each other, during these strict pandemic restrictions.

Once again, our Common Room is open for coffee. Only five allowed at one time but it is a welcome improvement.

Our hairdresser is back at work. Thank you, Debbie, for making us look more presentable again.

We have a crafty lady here who looks after seasonal decorations in the Coffee Room. Thank you, Margaret, we take you for granted too often, but we do appreciate your talent.

Some residents went down to see the July 1 fireworks. They started late, but it did happen.

To all, keep safe and well!

Quote for the Day:  "July is hot afternoons and sultry nights and mornings when it's joy just to be alive. July is a picnic and a red canoe and a sunburned neck and a softball game and ice tinkling in a tall glass. July is a blind date with summer." - Hal Borland


Virden SAIL By Leona Joseph

(Community Resource Coordinator Virden Seniors Access to Independent Living SAIL)


As we navigate thru the changes that Covid-19 has put upon us, we realize that there are some bright spots to be grateful for.

SAIL was able to receive Grant monies through The United Way & Community Foundations of Canada, in order to help our seniors through the pandemic. Besides receiving help to purchase extra take-out food containers for our meal programs, personal protective equipment (PPE) etc., we were also able to purchase the following:

• Two 42” Smart tv’s; one for the Evergreen (Virden) and one for Elkview Lodge (Elkhorn)

• Elkview Lodge also received a patio table/chairs, umbrella, tent gazebo, swing with canopy and outdoor glider chair

• 8 I-Pads with Apple pencils

• RFNow Hotspots for Oakwood Place (Oak Lake), and in Virden - Kin Place, Princess Lodge, Evergreen, Bolton Place; and Elkview Lodge. These hotspots are to be set up in the near future to allow coordinators to introduce the I-Pads to seniors.

The I-Pad has become quite a popular item through the pandemic! It’s an opportunity to increase social interaction, lift spirits and stay connected with family and friends. Our plan is to introduce this easy-to-use technology to seniors on a one-to-one basis so that they may communicate with people either by email or visit face-to-face via the screen.

The sky is the limit with puzzles, games, armchair tours and on and on! It is important to stay engaged as we age and the I-Pad can help improve memory and concentration. We look forward to offering this opportunity for seniors to gain some experience and become more confident with technology.

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