Family Literacy Day, Virden's Border Regional Library

Reading together can be one of the most relaxing family times.                     

Family Literacy Day will be taking place virtually on Jan. 27. The theme is Travel the World Together, so we wanted to highlight some books that fit that theme this week. Please contact us if you’d like more information on our plans for Family Literacy Day.

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Saffron Skies by Lesley Lokko. Amber Sall has the world on a platter. She has a handsome, powerbroker father, an older brother she adores, scads of money, and two best friends, Becky and Madeline. But none of that satisfies her lifelong desire to win her father's love, and for success in a career on the basis of her own talents, not her family's power and money. This is a powerful story which shows how the three women grow into their own in many different parts of the world, starting in London, touching in Spain, New York and Bosnia, and spreading across Africa.

Paddle to the Arctic by Don Starkell. Don Starkell decided to paddle a kayak from Hudson Bay 3,000 miles through the Northwest Passage. Paddle to the Arctic is Don's diary of his journey from Churchill, Manitoba, north and then west all the way to Tuktoyaktuk, close to Alaska. The voyage took him three Arctic summers. Each attempt almost cost him his life.
Young Adult
Alexandria of Africa by Eric Walters. Alexandria Hyatt is rich and glamorous, but when she is arrested for shoplifting, she knows she will have to deal with the consequences. She is ordered to work for an international charity in Kenya, 7000 miles from home, and will have to look inside herself to see if she has what it takes to face a reality she could never have imagined.

Junior Fiction
Evie Brooks is Marooned in Manhattan by Sheila Agnew. When Evie’s mother passes away, she has to leave her home in Dublin and move to Manhattan to stay with her uncle. He would like her to live permanently with him, but her godmother is eager to giver her a home back in Ireland. She finds herself immersed in the animals at her uncle’s veterinary clinic and starts to think maybe New York isn’t so bad.
Junior Easy

Monty Goes Southby Marc Tetro. Monty the Canada Goose is watching with dismay as all his friends prepare to fly south for the winter. His fear of heights has kept him from learning to fly! He considers other ways to go south, but realizes he must conquer his fears to fly with his friends. But how?

The Space Walkby Brian Biggs. New. Space is supposed to be exciting, but astronaut Randolph Witherspoon is bored. Ground Control won’t let him do anything fun, until they grand him permission to take a space walk, as long as he follows all the rules. Randolph’s mission doesn’t go exactly as planned, though, leading to an unexpected, world-opening discovery.

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